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About Lee Hunter:

America’s Everyday Wellness Expert, Lee Hunter uses state-of-the-art equipment to assist in finding long-term solutions for optimal health. Ms. Hunter works with people who are genuinely ready to experience optimum health and live their lives to the fullest potential. She combines professional technical training, decades of hands-on experience, an innate understanding of the human body, a wealth of real-world knowledge, along with individually catered approaches to help clients reach ideal health. She uses the cutting-edge, non-invasive technologies of Infrared Thermography for breast screening and full body analysis for athletes, marathoners, and those beginning a serious exercise regimen.

She also uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to determine clients’ health and body composition on a cellular level. Combining her findings, Ms. Hunter removes the mystery of the science of being healthy on a cellular level, both inside and out. Using her professional training along with her natural down-to-earth demeanor, she translates complex ideas and conditions into easily understood terms and approaches. Ms. Hunter maintains an active Massage Therapy license and Specializes in Lymphatic Massage Therapy. Ms. Hunter is a native Missourian where she and her husband enjoy working on their farm, remodeling and gardening in their spare time.

Ms. Hunter can be contacted at

email: lee@centaurimaging.com