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Equine/Pets Thermography

Equine Therapies

1. Equine Thermography – An imaging process utilizing infrared technology to capture the heat from the surface of the body enabling the detection of the signs of disease and injury.
a. How it works: When the body functions normally, a distinct temperature pattern is created and temperature differences detected between sides of the body will fall within   a normal range.  When the body functions abnormally changes to these patterns and side to side measurements may be detectable with Thermography. 

b. What is it used for?

  1. Identify damage tendons, ligaments, Navicular, laminitis and the source of non-specific lameness
  2. Musculoskeletal injuries
  3. Locate the source of miscellaneous strains, sprains & injuries
  4. Easily examine the horse for tooth and jaw problems.
  5. Pre-Purchase Inspection or sale to confirm there are no “hidden” problems with the horse.
  6. Saddle fitting
  7. Hoof Lameness (abscess, stone bruise, hot nail)
  8. Treatment Monitoring: monitor ongoing conditions to assess the level of improvement or deterioration during treatment.

2. Equine Massage:
a. Benefits of Equine Massage

  1. Enhances muscle tone and range of motion
  2. Reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints, thereby alleviating pain
  3. Promotes the healing process by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles and aiding in carrying away excessive fluids and toxins
  4. Creates a positive effect on the contractual & release process of the muscles, releasing tension, relaxing muscles
  5. Stimulates circulation – releases endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers)
  6. Helps to maintain the whole body in better physical condition
  7. Improves athletic performance and endurance
  8. Helps to restore full range of motion
  9. Assists in balance the body by treating it as a whole, rather than individual parts